Gnomon Workshop – Environment Art Direction for Games Volume 1

Gnomon Workshop – Environment Art Direction for Games Volume 1

In this first DVD of a series, Cecil will demonstrate how he quickly produces various design options using traditional drawing tools such as markers, ink pens and mechanical pencil. Cecil will guide you through more than eight environment production sketches describing how he creates various drawing concepts to support creative leads and a production team on a daily basis. He will begin with concepting the main fortress buildings for a game level idea, continue with rough thumbnailing of the organic building profile, and also create a hi-level production vista shot of a city concept using pencil. Street angle environment layout and futuristic design are explored as well. Learn how Cecil establishes perspective layout, filling it with architectural details, as well as how he designs the surface of the abstract shapes he initially starts with. Instructor for this title: Cecil Kim

Topics Covered
Idea Sketching
Shape Design and Scale variation
Blocking out rough thumbnail shapes
Designing architecture on natural rock surface
Marker shading and refining line drawing
Applying perspective on architecture detail
Cityscape layout using pencil

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