Gnomon Workshop – Introduction to NUKE Compositing

Gnomon – Introduction to NUKE Compositing

Gnomon – Introduction to NUKE Compositing VFX Compositing Techniques
with Robert Nederhorst | 6 GB

NUKE, short for “New Compositor”, began as the in-house compositing and effects application at Digital Domain, where it won an Academy Award® for Technical Achievement. NUKE is built primarily for visual effects film work at a variety of element resolutions and color spaces, all within a floating point 2D and 3D environment. This lecture covers the essentials of working with film-based and CGI elements in a professional, extensible and fast compositing pipeline. Utilizing many techniques for speed and efficiency, NUKE is able to provide rich output results and ultimate customization for the user. In this DVD, Rob covers all the major aspects of NUKE and reveals many areas where the casual user would not have known to go at first glance. Rob also provides sensible approaches for how to lay a good foundation for proper compositing in your own projects. Rob uses Nuke 4.3 to teach this tutorial.

Chapters: Disk One
1.sRGB and You (and Nuke)
2.The User Interface
3.Image Formats
4.UI Customization
5.Operators– Image
6.Operators– Time
7.Operators– Channel tools
8.Operators– Color operators
9.Operators– Drawing
10.Operators– Filters

Chapters: Disk Two
1.Operators– Keyers
2.Operators– Merge Operations
3.Operators– 2D Transformations
4.Operators– 3D System
5.Operators– Additional Tools
6.Compositing Process with Nuke

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