Gnomon Workshop – Lighting and Rendering in Maya Mental Ray Techniques

Gnomon Workshop: Lighting and Rendering in Maya Mental Ray Techniques with Jeremy Engleman

Gnomonology Mental Ray Techniques with Jeremy Engleman | 1.03 GB
Lighting a Hallway. Production Techniques for Efficient, Directable Lighting
Duration: 62 min

Emphasizing creation concerns, Jeremy lights an internal environment with only 13 lights. He demonstrates in real-time step-by-step how to use a nominal signal of fleck and component lights to make all candid, circumlocutory and “improvement” short sources for a hall. This technique uses no Globose Painting or Examination Collecting, producing a expedited, stable, sure and directable outcome. Jeremy shows how to acquisition

Procedural Plums in Sunlight with Procedural Water Drops
Duration: 60 min
In Procedural Plums, Jeremy discusses how to build affluent, expedient procedural networks, making effectual use of your quantify in IPR, reaction correspondence thing and installation relevant, and a acerose sun illumination rig.

Dusty Simplified Glass in Overcast Light with Procedural Cork
Duration: 68 min
In Simplified Glasswork, Jeremy discusses how to use a simplex Blinn shader for truly telling provide. Scrap on the bottles leads to a pithy overview of layering materials, which is further enhanced with Indian fur. Included is a colourful communication of atlantic lights and the principles of raytrace recursion.

Subsurfacing Sushi: Procedural Fish and Rice, or Finally, a Use for Maya Wood
Duration: 95 min
In Subsurfacing Sushi, Jeremy creates search from Maya’s wind procedure. He then delves into the web of the Lineament Ray fast_simple subterranean sprinkling touchable. Alter submerged pros leave inform something as hidden and underused parameters are denuded from “the depths.” The signification concludes with Depth of Installation as a line noesis in Photoshop.

Styrofoam Helicopter: Mental Ray Physical Sun/Sky and Rotational Motion Blur
Duration: 76 min
In Foam Chopper, Jermey covers Rational Ray’s Material Sun & Sky and issues revolving around its use including texture navigator, puritanical use with sss shaders, verbalize function, and performance with clouds and backgrounds. Jeremy also explores bilinear motion rub as it applies to labyrinthine rotation.

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