Gry Garness – Beauty Retouching Techniques in Photoshop 2DVD

Gry Garness – Beauty Retouching Techniques in Photoshop 2DVD

Gry Garness – Beauty Retouching Techniques in Photoshop 2DVD | project files | soft | .mov
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A visual practical DVD guide to professional beauty and portrait retouching using flexible solutions for a variety of photo retouching jobs, from flawless magazine covers to reality portrait retouching.

This is an educational tool aimed at intermediate to advanced Photoshop users. Its effectively a 13 hour one to one with Gry Garness, an experienced trainer and London based retoucher, demonstrating graphics tablet based professional retouching through a great variety of images, with models and non models. Its adaptable to all types of retouching not just favouring one particular style. All methods are based on Grys vast practical knowledge within photography, hair & make up as well as retouching. The tips she offers are both visual and technical, giving you an insight into a retouchers thinking during the work process. All the techniques are editable and are perfect for commissioned retouching where the brief often changes by the hour.


Assessing Input Quality
Setting up the Preferences
Customizing the UI
Raw Processing Essentials
Raw Processing in CS5
The Layers Workflow
Brushwork & Presets
Selections Using Tools
Selections Without Tools
Pen Tools Paths
Masking Concepts
Refine Edge for Cutouts
Refine Selections in Quickmask

Managing Color
The Colors of Skin
New & Legacy Color
Selective Color Adjustments
Gradient on Masks
Contrast with Gradient Map

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