Marlin Studios: Virtual Trees & Foliage Clip Map Textures

Marlin Studios: Virtual Trees & Foliage Clip Map Textures

Marlin Studios: Virtual Trees & Foliage Clip Map Textures| 1.03Gb

Two CDs of alpha map textures with over 60 trees and plenty of shrubs, plants and flowers.
This fantastic library provides 202 tree and foliage textures, all provided in alpha map texture form with defined transparency. Includes two royalty free Viewpoint Digital tree 3D models, worth $490! . . . plus 20 panoramic backgrounds and 60 background photos.

These 202 alpha map textures have the backgrounds dropped out and made transparent. Each texture can be mapped onto a single plane in a 3D program or composited in a 2D program such as Adobe Photoshop, resulting in a photorealistic tree or plant that can even cast a shadow. This is a great alternative to high-polygon, CGI-looking tree models typically used in 3D scenes. All textures are presented in JPG and TGA formats.
Using alpha map textures, an artist can literally create an entire virtual forest while using a tiny fraction of the system resources required for high-poly tree meshes. Typical textures in the library include trees, shrubs, hedges, flowers, leaves and branches. Trees can even be viewed from above!

BONUS FEATURES – Two FREE highly detailed Viewpoint Digital tree meshes, which retail for $490

– 202 planar objects in DXF and LWO formats, fitted to size each texture
– 5 interesting landscape meshes in DXF and LWO formats
– 20 landscape panorama backgrounds, with widths up to 7,800 pixels
– Tutorial on using alpha map textures
– Collection of 60 high-resolution photos for use as backgrounds or artistic reference.


The Numbers
All images are broken down in three different sizes: 100%, 66%, 33% – most textures in large format are 1600×1200 on this 2-CD set.

– 66 digitized trees at resolutions near 1600×1200, in high quality JPG and 32-bit TGA files
– 20 hedges
– 45 plants (shrubs, flowers, house plants.)
– 15 short grass, long grass (shot at eye level)
– 56 branches, barks, and leaves
– 202 bump (elevation) maps for all Trees and Foliage, in all three sizes (606 total)
– 202 alpha (alpha map) images for all Trees and Foliage, in all three sizes (606 total)
– 10 panoramic skies and backgrounds (6000×1200… That’s BIG.)
– 202 planar objects (.lwo and .dxf) fitted to size with each texture , saving setup time.
– 20 interesting landscape meshes (.lwo and .dxf)
– Indexed, printable thumbnail pages make it easy finding textures, bump maps and photos


– All textures created from high-resolution digital photos.
– All textures and bumps tested for functionality in graphics programs
– Convenient maximum-quality, 24-bit JPG format for lower file sizes and use on most platforms, and 32-bit TGA files for Alpha channel maps.
– Textures may be used royalty free in other graphics images


– General-purpose 2D and 3D computer art and animation
– Architectural visualizations
– Civil Engineering/ Infrastructure visualizations
– 2D and 3D computer games
– Web content development
– Film industry CGI
– 2D Print Media Applications
– Video/TV Productions
– Engineering/product design and visualizations
– Legal animations and renderings

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