3dMotive – Video Training Full Set (14.81 GB)

3d Motive Video Training Full Set (14.81 GB)

3D Motive Tutorials: Video Training Full Set!
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This is full set of video tutorial on 3ds max, Photoshop, and UDK.

1.Modular Building Workflow: In this tutorial we’ll be talking about creating modular assets that are on the grid and highly reusable. We’ll then be using Photoshop to create a detail texture sheet that we can use to quickly and efficiently map to our modular building set. In 3ds Max we’ll discuss working on the grid, setting proper pivot points and quick UV techniques for these types of assets. Lastly, we’ll discuss how to rapidly build inside UDK using grid snaps and a handful of meshes.

2.Creating Terrain with UDK: In this tutorial we’ll take an in depth look at terrain in UDK. We’ll discuss the basics such as how to setup your terrain as well as more advanced techniques such as using deco and foliage layers. We’ll dive deep into the terrain painting tools in addition to the technical details needed to balance performance and great looking terrain for your levels.

3.UVW Unwrapping, An Introduction: Using 3ds Max 2010, we’ll take an introductory look at UVW unwrapping, learn about hotkeys and setting up your UI to maximize your unwrapping efficiency, and then move straight on to unwrapping our Oil Tower prop. As we simplify the many tasks associated with unwrapping, we’ll breakdown some of the most commonly used tools and have you unwrapping your assets in no time.

4.Advanced Mesh Paint with UDK: In this video we’ll take an advanced look at UDK’s mesh painting features (often called vertex painting). We’ll go in depth on how to create several advanced blending materials such as snow icing over stones, puddles that react to light, and cracked and weathered concrete. We will also discuss how to create mix maps in Photoshop which will allow us to blend our materials in unique and interesting ways.

5.Sci-fi Modular Floor Workflow: Starting with the normal map baking process in 3ds Max, we’ll create a color and specular map using Photoshop, use selection masks created with Render to Texture, set up a material for the floor piece, and finally add some lights and decals when we put it all together inside of UDK. With lots of great tips and practical hands on techniques, this video serves as a great workflow tutorial for high quality game assets. Please note though, this video will not cover modeling topics. Both the completed low and high poly models however are included in the download.

6.High Poly Modeling, An Introduction: In this video we will take an introductory look at High Poly modeling. We’ll start with the basics of edge control, modifiers, hotkeys, and workflow improvements. Then, we will apply these techniques as we tackle a high poly stoplight prop.

7.Creating a Junk Pile with Physics: Using 3ds max 2010, we’ll create a natural looking junk pile using Reactor – a real-time physics simulator. This means we can quickly produce interesting looking collections of objects using gravity without hand placing and aligning meshes.

8.Creating a lightmap UV channel: In this video we will cover how to create a second UV set for your game assets. With this second UV set, we can take advantage of lightmaps inside of UDK.

9.Creating a Skydome: In this video we’ll start by using Photoshop to create a spherical map of our sky which we’ll then UVW map to a sky model inside 3ds Max.

10.Importing Content Into UDK: This video will cover the basic pipeline for exporting custom static meshes from 3ds Max and importing them into UDK. Basic material creation and assignment will also be covered.

11.Creating Mesh Collision for UDK: In this free video, you’ll learn how to export custom collision for your models from 3ds Max to UDK.

12.3DMotive – Asset workflow Series: The Briefcase Part 1 & 2

#3D Motive – High Poly Modeling in Maya 2011

Home Page:– _http://www.3dmotive.com/training/maya/high-poly-modeling-in-maya/

#3DMotive – Hand Painted weapon textures

Home Page:– _http://www.3dmotive.com/training/photoshop/hand-painted-weapon-texturing/?follow=true

#3DMotive – Asset workflow Series: The Briefcase Part 1 & 2

Home Page:– _http://www.3dmotive.com/asset-workflow-series-the-briefcase-part-1-2-now-available/


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