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Cebas Final Render R3.5 SE SP6 for 3DSMAX 2010-2012

Firstly as a standard version (finalRender R3) targeted to the mainstream user base, while the other version, called the Studio Edition (finalRender R3 SE for short), is the perfect choice for bigger production houses and advanced users seeking the maximum in quality and flexibility. Both products use the same rock solid and Hollywood production proven rendering core and rendering results (when not using any of the advanced features of R3 SE) will be identical between the two versions. Check out the SE Comparison feature page to learn more about the differences.

With the release of finalRender R3.0, finalShaders is no longer separately available for R3.0. Instead all of the finalShaders materials are now available as part of finalRender R3.0 SE, in addition we have moved some of the finalShaders materials into the standard edition as well. The materials moved to the core product are;

fR-Wire: This has been a long time wish of many users; R3.0 now lets you render your objects as if you had applied a Lattice modifier to your object, but without the overhead of additional geometry.

fR-Volumetric: A true volumetric shader that creates shader data within your objects, not just on the surface. When used in conjunction with many of finalRender’s other features, such as Sub-Surface Scattering, fR-Volumetric can help you product effects that no other material can produce.

fR-Layer: One of the most flexible finalShaders materials ever! fR-Layer lets you layer materials one on top of another using Photoshop style blends (Overlay, Screen, Multiply, etc) to create some truely stunning end results. This material has not only been moved to the core product but has also been modified internally to now support MAXScript and sub-object animation.

finalRender R3 SE also ships with the following former finalShaders materials and textures:

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