Gnoman Workshop – Drawing the Figure 1 Capturing the Gesture

Gnoman Workshop: Drawing the Figure 1 Capturing the Gesture with Jack Bosson

Drawing the Figure 1 Capturing the Gesture with Jack Bosson
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This lecture is the first of a series on how to approach drawing the human figure. In this series, Jack states that a successful figure drawing must include evidence of three sets of information: gestural, structural, and anatomical; the first being the focus of this particular demonstration. Gesture drawing establishes the unique storytelling and emotional properties of a given pose. It can also be used to map out the essential idea conveyed in the pose. Jack explores rapid-sketch technique, weight distribution, and the rhythm of the body parts as they adjust to the effects of gravity. Key concepts such as “contrapposto”, twist, overlapping shapes, and foreshortening are also covered. In short, this lecture will show you how to create a dynamic, lively interpretation of the subject being observed.

Expressing the Action
Mapping Out the Pose
Body Language
Drawing What the Model is Doing
Gesture and Expression
Quick Sketch Techniques
Seeing the Attitude Expressed in the Pose
Flow of Movement
Continuity and Storytelling
Squash and Stretch
Weight Distribution and Balance
The Torso and Limbs
Expressiveness of Hands and Feet

Mapping Out the Figure / Extension and Compression
Steps to Seeing the Gesture, Weight and Contrapposto
Capturing the Essence of the Pose
The Clothed Figure
The Importance of Keeping a Sketchbook
Foreshortening / Acting and Storytelling / Habits of Mind and Heart
Foreshortening and Silhouette / Profiting from a Bad Drawing
Structural Facts Before Aesthetic Details
Gesture, Flow and Structure
Weight, Balance and Gravity
Seeing Rhythms in the Curves of the Body
Final Comments / Developing Your Practice

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