LBrush v4.7.26 For Maya 2012 x32/x64

LBrush v4.7.26 For Maya 2012 x32/x64

LipService is a powerful multi-resolution subdivision surface sculpting, rigging and animation system built into a Maya plugin.

LipService’s sculpting tools are comparable to ZBrush** and Mudbox*. Its animation tools extend this multi-resultion editing philosophy through to motion and rigging.

LipServices LBrush tool now has a high quality texture painting tool. You can paint very highres textures inside maya directly in your viewport, hit render and the texture’s already there (regardless of what render you’re using). We do patterns, projectsions, clone, erase, blur smudge, move, rotate, falloff and more. We also have support for tiled texture workflows where you have lots and lots of 2k textures.


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