Video2Brain – ZBrush 4 for Advanced

Video2Brain – ZBrush 4 for Advanced

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3D-interested people who have already taken the first steps in ZBrush wide, with this video training on their knowledge of the full functionality of ZBrush fourth Get deeper into the operating concepts of this powerful software, and you own the knowledge on to serve 4 ZBrush sovereign. In rounding off workshop to model a complete figure and turn so that they have learned immediately.

The coach Oliver Borgardt introduces himself and his video training

If you with the basics of ZBrush are already familiar, this video training is right for you. Get a deep and get to know all the tools in detail. Look forward to learning a really powerful tool!
From the contents

ZBrush is a graphic program of the company Pixologic, you can use both as an ordinary paint program in 2D and 3D modeling and texturing. This chapter provides an overview of the tools presented in this video tutorial. You’ll also learn which two plug-ins you should download the file.
ZSpheres and ZSketch

ZSpheres model is a tool that allows you to create skeleton-like structures and convert them to polygon objects. With ZSketch you can continue to edit your models on the surface. In this chapter you will learn the operation of the two features “ZSpheres” and “ZSketch” know. You see how fast you can model a hump monster.

With the help of Polygroups You can combine individual areas of your objects and save them as a group. Learn in this chapter, how to create Polygroups how you can use it to handle complex objects better and better when you should use so-called Group Loop.
Brushes Clipping

With the clipping tools, ZBrush offers the possibility to cut the surface of your objects. In this chapter you will learn the operation of clipping brushes to know and learn what exciting opportunities are available through the circumcision extra attribute available.

Complex objects often consist of several elements: the so-called SubTools. In this chapter you will learn what SubTools are exactly as you create them and profitable use. Get to know also a very handy feature: the ShadowBox.
3D Layers

ZBrush gives you the opportunity to work with 3D Layers. This chapter explains what you can think of the concept of layers and how to use them best. You see it, why you absolutely should work for complex objects with layers.
SpotLight texturing

Since version 4 of ZBrush you have a new feature available with which you can paint over your objects with textures or color: SpotLight. This chapter shows how to import textures in ZBrush and apply on your models. Learn more about this exciting effects!
Modeling Workshop

In this chapter you will see in the form of a workshop on how to create a complex object in ZBrush. You repeat all in this video tutorial, learned their features and functions while getting practical tips on how to perfect your könenn models in ZBrush.
Compositing in Photoshop

You have created a model in ZBrush and rendered, it is usually an advantage if you are working on this in Photoshop again. Look in this chapter, as you perfect your passport with a few clicks.

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