Digital-Tutors – Introduction to Animation in CINEMA 4D

Digital-Tutors – Introduction to Animation in CINEMA 4D

Beginner | 2h 44m | 720 MB | Project Files 25 MB | Required Software: CINEMA 4D R12 and up

In this tutorial we will learn the basics of animating in CINEMA 4D. Throughout the tutorial, you will be guided through the CINEMA 4D intuitive animation tools. Our objective will be to build a solid foundation by familiarizing ourselves with core animation components and techniques. We will start by covering the CINEMA 4D animation preferences and how to record animation. We will discuss path animation, how to bake motion from procedural animation and optimize that data, as well as how to edit and blend animation non-linearly and non-destructively with its robust Motion System. We will explore animation layers, how to modify animation in the timeline, we will learn techniques for seamlessly cycling animation, and work with Xpresso, its node-based expression editor. By the end of this tutorial, you will have the foundation required animate comfortably in CINEMA 4D.


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