FXPHD – C4D205 – Cinema 4D and Design III

FXPHD-C4D205 – Cinema 4D and Design III

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This course is aimed at the intermediate user, but certainly accessible to advanced beginners, this class will cover many features of the Cinema4D toolset. Alongside revealing some of his innovative techniques for working with the MoGraph module, Tim will also cover fundamental subjects and their application within Cinema4D, such as principles of lighting, working with audio, use of Xpresso to streamline workflow, multipass rendering and compositing with After Effects.

Based in Sydney Australia, Tim Clapham is a multi-disciplinary animator and compositor. Evolving from a solid foundation in traditional animation using both Film and Video, Tim soon transitioned into the digital domain and has forged a solid career in the world of Motion Graphics. With over 11 years of industry experience, Tim is accomplished with many 3D animation and Digital Compositing applications.

As the owner of Motion Graphics and Animation company Luxx, Tim is hands on with every project that the company produces. With a history of working with many global Advertising and Broadcast companies, the work Tim produces is both technically challenging whilst maintaining innovation and high quality.

Class 1: Creating a Pin Art sculpture – Modeling the Pin Art structure and pins, then assembling the array using the MoGraph Cloner object. Adding the Formula Effector to offset the pins and the Shader Effector to transform the pins creating the impression. This class will also include basic material creation.

Class 2: Animating along paths – An exploration of animating objects along splines within Cinema4D. Examining – Align To Spline, Spline Wrap, Spline Effector. The class will conclude by creating an animation setup using the core particle system combined with Matrix Object, Cloner Object, Effectors and also MoDynamics to create a continual flow of dynamic objects animated along a path.

Class 3: Building a Stereoscopic Camera Rig in Cinema4D Part 1 of 2 – this week we discuss some stereo theory and create the foundation of a toed-in, parallel and offset axis camera using Xpresso and User Data.

Class 4: Part two of a two week class building a stereoscopic rig. This week we continue the rig we started last week. Adding in helper planes, and an anaglyph preview using openGL. Finally a brief look at previewing the 3D effect in After Effects.

Class 5: Baking textures in C4D. Using Bake Object and Bake Texture Tag. Baking Normal Maps from geometry and sub-poly displacements. Baking Displacement maps from geometry. Baking GI for Camera Animation.

Class 6: The first of a two week class discussing lighting. Creating a basic light dome with MoGraph. Light and shadow types. Shadow casting lights. Light include / exclude lists.

Class 7: The second of a two week class discussing lighting. Creating studio type lighting with Global Illumination,then reproducing a similar setup with lights and no GI. Lighting a night time shot then rendering with light passes for manipulation in post.

Class 8: The first of a three week class working with audio. Modeling a speaker using NURBS. Creating a proxy switch setup with Xpresso. Using the Cloner and Shader Effector to create a bank of speakers that says MUSIC.

Class 9: The second of a three week class working with audio. Working with the Sound Effector. Creating the Speaker Textures with MoGraph Color Shader. Building a MoGraph controlled EQ. Working with MoGraph Selections.

Class 10: The third of a three week class working with audio. Baking Sound Effector to keyframes. Linking the data to other effectors. Creating progressive time tracks. Lighting and Rendering in passes. This class includes an extra 30 minute bonus class where we take the 3D renders and create a basic composite and colour grade in After Effects to showcase the final result.

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