Gnomon Workshop: 3ds Max Lighting & Rendering Videotutorials with Jeff Patton

Gnomon Workshop: 3ds Max Lighting & Rendering Videotutorials with Jeff Patton

Format video: MPEG4 | English | 1024×768 | over 8 hours | 3.74 Gb
In this series of videotutorials examines in detail the various methods of working with tools 3ds max. In particular, Jeff Patton shows many techniques that will ensure quality results in the light of objects, interiors and exteriors. Also discussed in detail the mental Ray render settings to achieve maximum photorealistic result.


Material Basics
1. Scanline
2. Mental ray
3. Installing Plugins, Scripts and Shaders
4. Displacement

Lighting Basics
1. 3ds Max Light Basics
2. Area Light Issues
3. mrSun and mrSky
4. Using HDRs

Rendering Tools
1. Dentifying Noise
2. Depth of Field
3. Managing Color Bleed
4. Volumetrics
5. Exposure/Tone Mapping
6. Glowing Objects
7. Motion Blur
8. mrProxy Objects

Rendering Techniques
1. Creating Clay Renders
2. NPR – Toon Rendering
3. Vehicle Rendering in 3ds Max 2009

Indirect Illumination
1. Final Gather
2. Global Illumination

Lighting Digital Sets
1. Architectural Interiors – Day
2. Architectural Interiors – Night
3. Architectural Exteriors – Day
4. Architectural Exteriors – Night

Download Links:- Max Lighting & Rendering.part01.rar Max Lighting & Rendering.part02.rar Max Lighting & Rendering.part03.rar Max Lighting & Rendering.part04.rar Max Lighting & Rendering.part05.rar Max Lighting & Rendering.part06.rar Max Lighting & Rendering.part07.rar Max Lighting & Rendering.part08.rar Max Lighting & Rendering.part09.rar Max Lighting & Rendering.part10.rar


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