The Animator’s Survival Kit Animated (16 DVD box set)

The Animator’s Survival Kit Animated (16 DVD box set)

The Animator s Survival Kit Animated
English | 640 x 480 | Over 10 hours | 5 Gb

What has cost me millions of dollars and over 30 years to learn, I ve now put into a 16 DVD box set combining my Animation Masterclasses with over 400 specially animated examples.
How would you like a triple Oscar winner as your personal animation instructor?

Richard Williams Director of Animation of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, is the link-man passing on the secrets of the masters to the present generation. This box set is like having your own personal animation school. Over 16 sessions you are given a complete animation curriculum in its most practical form and you will be able to put these animation lessons to work immediately.

Theres never been anything like it. Filmed at Blue Sky Studios in New York the Masterclass is inter cut with over 400 specially animated examples from Richard Williams best-selling book The Animator s Survival Kit

The Animator s Survival Kit: A Manual of Methods, Principles, and Formulas for Classical, Computer, Games, Stop Motion, and Internet Animators is a book by award-winning animator and director Richard Williams about various aspects of animation.The book includes techniques, advice, tips, tricks, and general information on the history of animation.

As the title implies, the book is helpful for several fields of animation, not just traditional animation. It has been praised by many as being one of the best books on animation available.

A 16 volume DVD box set The Animator s Survival Kit Animated-has also been created to combine the book with footage from Richard Williams masterclasses and additional animation of the examples from the book

The book met with universal acclaim. Chris Wedge the director of Ice Age, wrote about the book What I came out with was a complete re structuring of animation, how I saw animation, how I analysed motion. People the first night sat down at their work stations and were running some of Richard s examples and at lunchtime you could see the influence. It was a revelation. The book has become incredibly popular in the animation industry and is commonly used by animation students worldwide.

1. Starting Right (630 Mb)
2. Timing and Spacing (516 Mb)
3. Working Methods (492 Mb)
4. More Timing More Spacing (545 Mb)
5. Building Walks (774 Mb)
6. Flexibility in a Walk (651 Mb)
7. Sneaks, Runs, and Animal Action (697 Mb)
8. Flexibility (665 Mb)
9. Overlapping Action and Weight (636 Mb)
10. Takes (601 Mb)
11. Vibrates (444 Mb)
12. Accents (755 Mb)
13. Dialogue 1 (690 Mb)
14. Dialogue 2 (704 Mb)
15. Giving the Performance (849 Mb)
16. Putting it all Together (575 Mb)

Over 10 hours in total of lessons and includes over 400 specially animated examples.
The Animator s Survival Kit Animated

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Download Links:- Animator’s Survival Kit – Richard Williams.part01.rar Animator’s Survival Kit – Richard Williams.part02.rar Animator’s Survival Kit – Richard Williams.part03.rar Animator’s Survival Kit – Richard Williams.part04.rar Animator’s Survival Kit – Richard Williams.part05.rar Animator’s Survival Kit – Richard Williams.part06.rar Animator’s Survival Kit – Richard Williams.part07.rar Animator’s Survival Kit – Richard Williams.part08.rar Animator’s Survival Kit – Richard Williams.part09.rar Animator’s Survival Kit – Richard Williams.part10.rar Animator’s Survival Kit – Richard Williams.part11.rar Animator’s Survival Kit – Richard Williams.part12.rar Animator’s Survival Kit – Richard Williams.part13.rar Animator’s Survival Kit – Richard Williams.part14.rar Animator’s Survival Kit – Richard Williams.part15.rar Animator’s Survival Kit – Richard Williams.part16.rar


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