ThinkBox XMesh MX for 3DSMAX

ThinkBox XMesh MX for 3DSMAX

ThinkBox XMesh MX for 3DSMAX | 17.2 MB

XMesh™ is Thinkbox Software’s production-proven Geometry Caching system. XMesh is a set of tools for caching animated scene geometry to an external file sequence and for loading this data later for rendering. XMesh MX is the 3ds Max implementation of the XMesh toolset. It consists of a commercial Saver plugin (XMesh Saver MX) which exposes a MAXScript Interface for processing the scene and saving the XMesh files, and a free Loader plugin (XMesh Loader MX) which performs the loading. The XMesh Saver User Interface was implemented using MAXScript and can be used as reference / starting point for custom caching solutions. XMesh MX has the following advantages over other Mesh caching solutions: – Support for pre-calculated Velocity channel with various loading-time interpolation modes. – Direct support for Thinking Particles velocities acquisition. – Optional saving of multiple objects as one in World space, as multiple sequences in World or Object space. – Support for all 100 mapping channels. – Support for alternative (Proxy) sequence saving and loading for viewport display including built in save-time optimization. – Additional simplified viewport display modes including Bounding Box, Percent of Vertices and Percentage of Faces. – Direct support for both sequential and parallel processing of a single sequence on Deadline. – Multiple files per frame data storage allows the direct referencing of data channels and even the manual editing of XMesh XML Header Files for deeper TD access.

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