BlenderCookie – Vehicle Training Series Blender

BlenderCookie – Vehicle Training Series Blender

CG Cookie – Blender: Vehicle Modeling Series | 5.5 Gb
Software Used: Blender 2.5 | Resolution: 1280×720(.mp4) | Audio: mp3 93 Kbps | Completion Time: 15+ hrs
Genre: eLearning | Difficulty: Beginner to advanced | Language: English | Instructor: Jonathan Willamson

In this intensive, mesh modeling training series, Jonathan Williamson takes you through the complete process of modeling a very detailed, sci-fi vehicle in Blender using modeling sheets and concept art by David Revoy.

About CG Cookie

CG Cookie is a 3D Animation education network that caters to a variety of softwares, subject matter, and works to make CG more accessible for everyone. The CG Cookie homepage is the central hub of our site network, including the sites of Blender Cookie, Max Cookie, Modo Cookie and a few others. The CG Cookie team is comprised of primarily Wes Burke, founder of CG Cookie and Jonathan Williamson, a Blender Foundation Certified Instructor. Between the two of us we try to keep things running and developing. We also have substantial support and help from Alessandro Cangelosi, Pippin Williamson, Robert Fayman, David Ward, Patrick Boelens, Porter Nielsen, Tim Von Rueden, Nubia Palacios, and others.

About Blender: Vehicle Modeling Series

This series is presented in such a way to be ideal for all levels of users. Each tool used is explained along the way for new users but the topics presented will intrigue even the most advanced modelers. Throughout this series you will learn extensive modeling techniques, mesh topology, and techniques for creating a manageable model in relatively little time.

This time around we have based this series on another fantastic concept from David Revoy. This series is set out to provide an in-depth look at an intense modeling work flow of a Sci-Fi vehicle. The amount of detail we will be modeling is both intimidating and exciting! If you take a look at the couple preview images below you will see what I mean on what we will be taking on.

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Download Links:- Cookie – Blender Vehicle Modeling Series.part01.rar Cookie – Blender Vehicle Modeling Series.part02.rar Cookie – Blender Vehicle Modeling Series.part03.rar Cookie – Blender Vehicle Modeling Series.part04.rar Cookie – Blender Vehicle Modeling Series.part05.rar Cookie – Blender Vehicle Modeling Series.part06.rar Cookie – Blender Vehicle Modeling Series.part07.rar Cookie – Blender Vehicle Modeling Series.part08.rar Cookie – Blender Vehicle Modeling Series.part09.rar Cookie – Blender Vehicle Modeling Series.part10.rar Cookie – Blender Vehicle Modeling Series.part11.rar Cookie – Blender Vehicle Modeling Series.part12.rar Cookie – Blender Vehicle Modeling Series.part13.rar Cookie – Blender Vehicle Modeling Series.part14.rar


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