cmiVFX – Ultimate Learning System Volume 2

cmiVFX – Ultimate Learning System Volume 2

Like any good craft, you need the right tools in your hand to bring your ideas to life. Since the begging of computer graphics, people search for the right elements to start their own projects. In this volume we will talk about the robust tool set inside Cinema4D and how they can help you turn your ideas to reality.
Geometry, lights, deformers, bones and sound setup workflow’s are all covered topics accompanied by in-depth notes with real life tips and tricks. The Tool Sets from Cinema 4D are one of the most extensive libraries in the Computer Graphics Market. We will show you how to create whatever your heart desires. Master the tools to orchestrate gorgeous 3D artwork. To build a strong house that can stand up to strong wind, you must have a strong, deep base. The same idea applie to workflow. Here you will find precious information that can build you into a strong C4D artist.

Primitives and Splines
One of the most used tools are the Primitives. Cubes, cones, cylinders, mountains and several other options are explained with care. Learn how to use them to start virtually anything you want also discover the secret of using the amazing splines options ranging from simple circles to complex image guided splines that can help you model with precision. KEYWORDS: Cinema 4D Training, C4D, Bodypaint, Maxon

NURBs and Polygons
NURBs are one of those special weapons that can amplify your horizon and allow you to create some very organic shapes with limited operations. Learn how to sharpen your modeling skills by using NURBs as a start off point. Understand how to move everything into polygon mode and how it can help you add that extra something special to your creations.

Duplicate geometry with style and precision. Create complex boolean operations. Learn how to create metaballs and know how they work while understanding the workflow of adding symmetry to your models. Work with custom work planes and learn how they can help you achieve unique performance when modeling or animating.

How do I enable depth of field and how to control it? What is the best way to animate a camera in a scene and what are the differences from the camera modes that we have inside Cinema4D? All those questions and more are answered here. Also, learn tricks that can help you control your cameras in a more accurate way.

Lights are in the top 10 most important features of computer graphics for sure. To really master lighting, is something that takes time and experience. We want to show you why lights in C4D is a very accommodating system for lighting artists. We explain how they work in detail, and show you what the singular styles of lights are so you can achieve scenes like never before.

Standard Deformers
Bend, twist, explode, melt and do countless other combinations using the extensive list of deformers. Get the knowledge you need to use them in your favor, to help you model or animate in an intuitive. We will talk about the tricks to stack tools properly in an organized manner. Apply them to anything you want ranging from splines to complex geometry by following a few important steps.

Bone Deformers
Bones are the the most important element of a character. It will allow them and special objects to move organically and realistically, but there are a few tricks to get them working properly and to behave in a predictable way. In this section we cover all the needed information for skeletal type deformations.

Sound Design
Using audio files as guides for timing and style can bring a new flavor to your animations. We are going to create together a scene from scratch in which we will model, rig, and add custom controllers to apply all our new knowledge. Then you will see in first hand how the sound can be used to improve accuracy when you are animating.

About The Author
Michael Marcondes is a Brazilian independent artist that has been working freelance for more then 10 years. He worked on hundreds of projects ranging from print to broadcast using a great variety of tools like Maya, Lightwave, Cinema 4D, Modo, Silo, zBrush, PfTrack, After Effects, etc. He has a strong passion for the details on all matters from digital image creation

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