Digital-Tutors – Beginner’s Guide to Modeling in 3ds Max 2011

Digital Tutors – Beginner’s Guide to Modeling in 3ds Max 2011

1 hrs. 25 min. | Released on April 4, 2011 | Project Files Included (20 MB) | 555.28 MB

Required Software: 3ds Max 2011 and up

In this collection of lessons we will learn the basics of 3d models in 3ds Max.

Introducing the Beginner Guide to Modeling in 3ds Max, a fundamental learning series brought to you by Digital-Tutors, the largest online CG training library in the world and Autodesk Authorized Publisher. This course is an introductory look into modeling that will enable you to learn essential terms and definitions and build a solid foundation in computer graphics. We will start off by covering the basics of 3d models. We will then take a look at a variety of ways to work with models in 3ds Max. After that, you will learn about some of the 3ds Max tools that can be used to build models. And to wrap up, we will look at how geometry can be assembled into more complex models. This series of step-by-step videos were developed with artists new to 3ds Max in mind so we will be moving at a steady, easy-to-follow pace making sure you understand terms and basic techniques. To view more Beginner Guide courses; visit our library where you will find the largest collection of free, high-quality CG training videos.

10 videos in this course
1. Introduction and project overview
2. What is a 3d model?
3. Working with models
4. Displaying models
5. Transforming models
6. Working with sub-objects
7. Modeling with polygons
8. Modeling with NURBS
9. Subdivision and smoothing tools
10. Assembling geometry in 3ds Max

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