Digital-Tutors – Creative Development: Artistic Character Modeling in 3ds Max

Digital Tutors – Creative Development: Artistic Character Modeling in 3ds Max with Jacques_Pena | 1.3GB

1 hrs. 8 min. |Released on June 15, 2011 |Project Files Included (115 MB)
Required Software: 3ds Max 2011 and Photoshop

In this demonstration we will be looking at creating and developing a sci-fi character.

We will be looking at the process in 3ds Max, working with shapes and modifiers. We will also be looking at materials, rigging process, and using Pflow for effects. Later, near the end of our demonstration, we will go over rendering passes, painting and compositing effects in Photoshop.

11 videos in this course

1. Introduction
2. Brief overview of the tools we will be using
3. Concepting and developing our character
4. The modeling process, using the tools and modifiers
5. A brief overview of Materials
6. A brief overview of the rigging process using biped
8. Camera creation and composition
9. Lighting and rendering our character to set the mood
10. Compositing and painting in Photoshop
11. Conclusion

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Download Links:- Character Modeling in 3ds Max.part1.rar Character Modeling in 3ds Max.part2.rar Character Modeling in 3ds Max.part3.rar Character Modeling in 3ds Max.part4.rar

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Mirror :-

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