Digital-Tutors – Creative Development: Motion Flow Rigging in Maya

Digital-tutors – Creative Development: Motion Flow Rigging in Maya with Farley Chery

7 hrs. 8 min. |Released on June 15, 2011 |Project Files Included (13 MB)

Required Software: Maya 2011

In this series of lessons, learn the process of rigging with an emphasis on fluidity and natural motion.

In this course, Farley Chery will be introducing extraordinary new rigging concepts to help animators achieve natural fluidity in our body movement. He will cover different theories and methods used in combination to give natural articulation that occurs during body movement. The artist will explain the theory and reasoning through the rig development process. This leads into the creation of an innovative shoulder setup, based on the postion of the elbows mimicking the proper actions of human anatomy, which uses the concepts covered to make it intuitive to use in both FK and IK systems. This implementation of a remarkable no flip knee setup, which is used to create an automatic hip system, magically orients itself to the average position of the knees allowing for quick and natural poses for the character. This course is concluded by building a squash and stretch nSpine and an easy method for creating spine twists. These revolutionary methods come directly from the artist and can not be found anywhere else.


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