Digital-Tutors – NUKE Node Reference Library Transform

Digital-Tutors – NUKE Node Reference Library: Transform

3 hrs. 57 min. | 06/30/2011 | NUKE 6.2 | Author: Chris Glick

In this course we will take a look at every property of the Transform nodes, which allow us to move, rotate, scale and do much more to our pixel data. We have our usual transform node, but we also have nodes that let us change the bounding box, distort our images and even change our camera’s movement. There are also several nodes that interact with the 3D system, including a Card3D node that lets us skip setting up a 3D scene and gives us direct access to 3D cards and a SphericalTransform node which is very helpful when converting between different types of panoramic image types. We can also quickly and easily convert 2D position data into 3D space, or vice-versa by using the PointsTo3D node or the Reconcile 3D node. Along with all of these nodes, we also cover properties found in many nodes in NUKE; such as motion blur, 3D snap, and the filtering options.

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