Digital-Tutors – Object Tracking in MatchMover and After Effects CS5

Digital-Tutors : Object Tracking in MatchMover and After Effects CS5

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In this series of lessons we will learn how to use MatchMover to track an object as if it was our scene, then finish the shot with Maya and After Effects. Using MatchMover we can find the movements of a real life object and move a 3D object to match. We will begin this project by manually tracking our sequence in MatchMover and exporting it for use in Maya. We will then take our solved camera into our Maya scene and move our object into place. We will then learn how to capture our 3D environment reflections and create some helpful matte layers. Once we have rendered our Maya sequence, we will learn how to combine all of our images in After Effects. We will learn about processing our background footage to capture traveling mattes, as well as many different ways to combine our various mattes to create effects. We will finish by adding a silhouette and color correcting our images.

1. Introduction and project overview
2. Object Tracking pre-production and preparing the object
3. Creating our base manual tracks
4. Creating a coordinate system for use in Maya
5. Importing our camera into our render scene
6. Rotating the HDR dome and re-creating the Final Gather map
7. Creating a reflective screen to capture the environment
8. Creating a cutout matte to only render what is needed
9. Creating a reflection matte using render layers
10. Importing our sequences into After Effects
11. Creating our basic composite
12. Compositing the reflections
13. Using keylight and a mask to bring back the thumb
14. Creating a Silhouette using our existing mattes
15. Capturing hair detail using our reflection matte pass
16. Color correcting various elements to bring them together
17. Adding blurs to various nodes to remove sharp edges

Project Files are included

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