Digital-Tutors – Substance Procedural Texturing in Maya 2012

Digital-Tutors: Substance Procedural Texturing in Maya 2012

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In this series of lessons we will be exploring the Substance procedural texturing system included with Maya.
With Substance, we no longer have to rely on the time-consuming process of acquiring and manipulating photographs to suit our texturing needs. Substance allows us to procedurally generate textures that are highly realistic and highly customizable. This course will cover essential topics such as applying and modifying Substance textures, understanding the limitations and potential complications you may run into when using Substance textures, and how we can work around these. We will also learn how to create our own custom Substance textures, and how to extend the functionality of Substance through the use of 3rd-party plugins.
10 videos in this course

1. Introduction and project overview.flv
2. Loading the Substance plugin for Maya.flv
3. Creating Substance textures in Maya.flv
4. Connecting and disconnecting Substance nodes.flv
5. Controlling Substance texture resolution.flv
6. Substance texture placement in Maya.flv
7. Baking Substance textures in Maya.flv
8. Using the Bitmap2Material plugin.flv
9. Using the Maya Substance Bonus Tools.flv
10. Rendering Substance textures in mental ray.flv


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