Luxology Modo – Spaceship Modeling

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We love spaceships! You could argue that CGI was invented to make spaceships, but whether you believe this or not there’s no denying that CG spacecraft have been the stars in many iconic productions, from battle sequences in Babylon5 to opening shots of Star Wars Episode 3 and more recently Avatar. For many CG artists, these epic scenes really get the blood racing. In this modo modeling tutorial, Andy Brown pays tribute to the CG spaceship and has some fun while creating a very special vehicle.

For this tutorial, we commissioned concept designer James Robbins to create an original spaceship design for the project, including eight orthographic reference images. James has been involved for ten years with the Stargate series and was just the man for the job!
Explore some of the spaceship reference images and resulting model.

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Luxology Modo – Spaceship Modeling.part1.rar
Luxology Modo – Spaceship Modeling.part2.rar
Luxology Modo – Spaceship Modeling.part3.rar
Luxology Modo – Spaceship Modeling.part4.rar


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  1. sure would like parts 3 and 4 from Rapid Gator .. BUT .. ..they are missing ???
    can you re-up please..I know they are a little dated but these are very good references

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