Sony Vegas PRO 11.0 Build 371 Includes Collection Plug-ins And Tutorial (x86x64)

Sony Vegas PRO 11.0 Build 371 Includes Collection Plug-ins And Tutorial (x86x64)

Sony Vegas PRO 11.0 Build 371 Includes Collection Plug-ins And Tutorial (x86/x64)
Setup 2.34 GB | Video 15.37 GB

Sony Vegas PRO – professional program for multitrack recording, editing and assembling video and audio streams. Tools contained in ‘Vegas Pro’, allow editing and processing in real-time formats, DV, AVCHD, HDV, SD / HD-SDI and XDCAM ™, a precise adjustment of audio, the creation of surround sound and dual-layer DVD. You can burn Blu-ray discs directly from timeline to preserve records in high quality. Creating a standard DVD with a sophisticated video, subtitles, multilingual menu and add comments there is no trouble.
And Sony Vegas training DVD set is sure to get you up to speed quickly and boost your skill to the next level. Start with raw footage and end up with a great finished project that you publish on the Web or turn into a DVD or Blu-Ray disc. DVD Architect is covered too!
Whether you are just getting started, have already learned the basics, or just need help deciding which version to get, this training set from Sony Vegas
guru Gary Kleiner is a resource that you’ll be glad to have handy.


Disc 1
Movie Studio vs. Pro
Updating Software
Opening Settings
Using Tracks
Renaming Tracks
Adding Media to Timeline
Rearranging Tracks
Changing Track Height
Empty Project Template
Saving Project
Creating Tracks
Event Thumbnail Settings
Zooming Timeline View
Setting Event Thumbnails
Windows Layouts
Adjusting Windows with Keyboard
Saving Windows Layouts
Undocking Windows
Zooming Timeline
Moving Timeline
Project Properties
Preview Settings
Importing Media
Capturing DV
Capturing HDV
Import From DVD
Import From CD
Import Image Sequence
Import Camcorder Files
Import From Windows Explorer
Can’t See Video
Project Media Tab
Saving Project
Project Files
Project Backup Files
The Timeline
Center Timeline Over Cursor
Playback using JKL
Time Selection
Delete Gaps
Splitting Events
Time Selection Review
Selecting Events
Delete Section of Event
Ignore Event Grouping
Select Events to End
Selection Edit Tool
Grouping Events
Move Events with Keypad

Disc 2
Non-Destrcutive Editing
Split Editing
Quantize to Frames
Trim to Cursor
Meat Grinder
Numeric Trim
The Trimmer
2-Point Edit
3-Point Edit
4-Point Edit
Fit to Fill
Subclips from Trimmer
Subclip from Timeline
Timeline Overwrite
Review of Trimming
Slipping Sliding
Moving Events
Copy/Paste Events
Still Image from Video
Copy an Event Segment
Copy by Dragging
Syncing A/V Pairs
Post Ripple
Setting up Multiple Tracks
Text Direct toTimeline
Event Buttons
Event Names
Multiple Audio Tracks
Minimize Track Height
Solo / Mute
True Solo
Markers and Regions
Ripple Markers
Jump to Marker
Move to Marker
Project Notes
Embed Markers and Regions
Promote Media Markers
Marker Restore Point
Audio Fades
Audio Fade Envelope
Video Fades
Snap to Cursor
Text Fade In
Event Transitions
Audio Crossfades
Video Crossfades
Crossfade with Keyboard
Sliding Transitions
Transitions Tab
RAM Render
Fix ChoppyPlayback
Slo-Mo / Speed Changes
Velocity Envelopes
Speed Ramping
Set Speed Numerically

Disc 3
Video FX
Preview Split Screen
Event FX Button
Making FX Presets
Transition to/from FX
Paste Event Attributes
Save FX Chain
FX Application Hierarchy
Apply FX at Track Level
Apply FX at Media Level
Apply FX at Project Level
Color Correctors
Isolating Colors
Aspect Ratio
Match Output Aspect
Image Resolution
Flip Image
Automatic Crop
Track Motion
3-D Track Motion
2D Shadow
2D Glow
Multiple PIP
Track Motion Presets
Track Hierarchy
Recovering Keyframe Controller
Loop Buffering
Lock Keyframes to Events
Keyframe Sync Cursor
Pause Animation Position
Copy/Paste Keyframes
Keyframe Smoothness
Interpolation Curves
FX Keyframes
Plug-In Help
FX on Text
Still Images
Still from Video
Paste Repeat
Photo Montage
Multiple Files to Timeline
Automatic Crop
Still Image Length
Auto Overlap
Ducks and Dissolves
Documentary-Style Panning
Slideshow Creator
Change Multiple Transitions
Stretch Group of Pics

Disc 4
Master Mixer
Volume Adjustment
Audio Channels
Volume Envelopes
Lock Envelopes to Events
Ducking Music
Draw Volume Envelopes
Track Compressor
Adding Audio FX
Save Windows Layout
Practice Project
Show Timecode
Event Opacity
Event Volume
Text Shadow
Project Output
Smart Rendering
Render Loop Region
Make Movie
Save to Hard Drive
Estimated File Size
Print to Tape
Post to YouTube
DVD / Blu-Ray
Chapter Markers
Burn CD
DVD from Timeline
Menu-Based DVDs
Render for Blu-Ray
Render for DVD
DVD Architect
Adding Media to Menu
DVDA Project Properties
Properties Pane
Disc Preview
Menu Buttons
File Compliance
Scene Selection Menu
Default Button
Button Highlighting
Video on Buttons
Menu Background
Button Style
Make Same Size
Button Frames
Button Alignment
Button Navigation
Adding Chapters
Make DVD

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