Sunglasses Modeling for Modo 501

Sunglasses Modeling for Modo 501

Sunglasses Modeling for Modo 501
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This new series of video tutorials by master modo modeler Adam O’Hern is ideal for designers or anyone interested in hard-surface modeling techniques in modo 501. It starts at the very beginning, covering everything from the overall modo user interface to the most commonly-used tools and techniques for hard-surface modeling and rendering in modo. A rapid prototype of the glasses are produced as part of the tutorial.

Step-by-step instructions walk the viewer (that’s you) through the process of modeling and rendering a pair of whimsical sport glasses from reference images and using a head mesh as an underlay. Every step is fully-documented and repeatable, and each video progressively introduces modo tools and techniques in an understandable (not overly lengthy) session. modo files are provided for each phase of the project so you can start at any stage of the project.

In addition to the emphasis on modeling and basic rendering techniques in modo, there are two “bonus” videos that lead you through advanced rendering, and printing an inexpensive rapid prototype of the glasses at the Shapeways website.

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