FXPHD – NUK202 – Intermediate Nuke

FXPHD – NUK202 – Intermediate Nuke | 1.6 Gb

Our new intermediate Nuke course picks up where the 100 level offering left off. Using Nuke version 5, professor Sean Deveraux will work through concepts in the app as well as lead several project-based classes. The 3D compositing environment of Nuke is one of its strengths, so several classes will dive fully into this feature with practical, real-world examples. Deveraux will also be covering the nuts and bolts of setting up Nuke for automation as well as taking a first look at Gizmos, Nuke’s “macro” functionality. The focus is on the type of work that any compositor might run into while working at a facility.
Deveraux is our lead Nuke professor at fxphd. He has been using Nuke since 2000, working as a compositor at Digital Domain on Hollywood blockbusters such as How the Grinch Stole Christmas, I, Robot, and Star Trek: Nemesis. Using a variety of compositing packages, his freelance work has taken him to ILM (Transformers), Hydraulx (Rise of the Silver Surfer), and others.

Class 1: Warping Minds and Pixels. One of the key tools to any compositor’s toolbox is image warping. This week we’ll cover shape based warps with corner pin, the grid and spline warper and image driven warps using the iDistort node.

Class 2: Project Class 1 – 2D Photoshop in a 3D Nuke world. Using a massive layered Photoshop still we will build and animate a stylized forest to wow friends and influence recruiters.

Class 3: Gizmos for the geeks in all of us. The “macro” system in Nuke is called gizmos. We will create a “smart” gizmo utilizing expressions and user controls and learn how to add that gizmo to our nuke menus for others to access.

Class 4: Pimp my Nuke. Pimp my Nuke. Building on last week’s course, we will further customize nuke by adding and setting default working resolutions on launch, setting up shot specific working directories and other tasks that nuke can automate.

Class 5: Project Class 2 – Set Building and Camera Projections. Some live action, some CG, some set geometry, some keying. All part of the fun in our second project based class of the term.

Class 6: Part 2 of a 2 part production class that covers keying, 3D Projections, color correction, cameras and much more.

Class 7: Another 2 part production class. Part 1 of 2 covers keying, 3D Cards, stabilizing and turning a still frame into multi-dimensional image using the 3D system.

Class 8: Part 2 of 2 covers advanced keying, setting looks and overall comp production tips as we finish our night balcony scene.

Class 9: Project Class 4 – Multi, Multi-Pass Compositing – Part 1 of 2 . A completely CG shot with many layers to comp and refine. Focusing on Multi-pass compositing, layer ordering and organizing your 3D assets.

Class 10: Part 2: A completely CG shot with many layers to comp and refine. More in-depth multi-pass compositing and making the best of your elements.




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