3D-Coat 3.7.10A SIMP/CUDA x32/x64

3D-Coat 3.7.10A SIMP/CUDA x32/x64

3D-Coat 3.7.10A SIMP/CUDA x32/x64 | 331.76 MB/331.76 MB

3D-Coat is a useful tool for 3D artists and designers aimed to boost the speed and quality of 3D-object texturing and detailing and developed specifically for game development, etc…Painting textures and sculpting. It combines painting layered textures and sculpting in one easy to use interface. Retopology tools. 3D-Coat combines the most powerful retopology approaches in one package.

3D Layers. Every layer consists of a colour, specular, transparency, and displacement channel.

Compatibility. Full compatibility with Light Wave 3D, Modo (via .lwo format), Maya, 3ds Max, Carrara (via .fbx and .obj format).

3D mouse support. 3D-Coat supports 3D SpaceNavigator by 3DCONNEXION. Connection with Adobe Photoshop. It can deeply integrate with Adobe Photoshop (R) or any other PSD editor.

Features 3.7.10
Per-face hide tool in voxel surface mode
CutFace in PaintRoom will hide voxel pieces too. In so way freeze/hide tools in paint room act on voxels as well.
Ghost mode introduced
New blendmode – Highlight emissive. Read hint there.
new item Texture->Import->Emissive intensity
“To center mass” and “To bound centser” in Merge tool will move gizmo instead of object.
Free-form pose deformation quality improved a lot. Matth of transforms rewritten.
Fixed “more on bright” issue
fixed “improper scale issue”
fixed “Selecting Low-Poly View breaks shading views”
mutiple uv-sets per object in FBX export/import supported.
resolved scaling issue
import tiles as UV sets implemented for MV painting too.
I made better support of smoothing groups export via OBJ files.
crash when saving subtree fixed
small fixes: renaming models in “Models/Splines” tab fixed + dropped models from VoxTree -> Models getting more intuitive names.

Home Page: _http://3d-coat.com/

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  1. Hur Dur-works on my nVidia-based PC with Quadro FX Cuda-Core tech GPU. Not on my ATI FirePro. Once again, nVidia has cornered the market.

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