CG Cookie – Modern Exterior Villa

CG Cookie – Modern Exterior Villa

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CG Cookie Tutorial on the modelling and rendering of the exterior of a modern villa using 3dsMax. Videos and project files included.

Part 1 : In this video we’ll take a look at iRay usage for exterior architectural rendering. We’ll start modeling an exterior villa with a pool, preparing the scene using layers to make it simpler to be managed, and we start to apply some materials created using the Slate Material editor and Arch&Design shaders

Part 2 : In this video we’ll continue working at the exterior villa scene adding some new model parts and working a little bit more on the water shader, and the wood shader. We’ll add more details as wet maps on the ground, more complex bump layers over the water plane.

Part 3 : In this video we’ll continue working at the exterior villa scene. We’ll add a little bit of vegetation using the AEC primitives, then we’ll finalize the basic house 3D model and fix some stuffs for some shaders.

Part 4 : In this video we’ll finalize the Modern exterior villa project. We’ll work a little bit on some materials to fix colors, bump details etc. We’ll change the camera position and perspective to find a better point of view, and we’ll work on plants, adding some of it, moving the others, changing the materials with some basic Arch&Design shaders, we’ll work on the external wall to a better result, then adding a little bit of depth of field with iRay and fixing some parameters on the sky and the exposure control, we’ll be ready to move the rendered image in Combustion to work with color correction and other tools to find final look.

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