CMIVFX Realflow – Hybrido in Action Volume 01

CMIVFX Realflow – Hybrido in Action Volume 01

Chapter 1: Getting Started
The introduction chapter will take you through all the back ground needed to get going in RealFlow. Helpful links and some background on the software. The Maya plugins are used to export geometry for simulation but you can follow along in you 3d app of choice. The theory of preparing your geo and animation for RealFlow dynamic environment will be the same across the board. This isnt a beginners course so after a look at the preferences for our project we jump straight into things.

Chapter 2: Hybrido Based Water Simulation Techniques
Hybrido introduces a whole new paradigm in fluid dynamics. In this chapter we will learn how to create a useable, optimized base water sim to build on for the rest of the course. We will learn the new tools and concepts in a production type project. Setting up a quick cut shot of a boat racing by camera. All the major parameters are worked through along with a few tricks for creating and optimizing displacement creation and additional data sets for the dependent simulations like splashes and foam. We’ll use techniques like scripted cmd line simulating to speed up our workflow.

Chapter 3: Hybrido Displacement And Meshing
In this chapter we will explore how to create a good looking base mesh thats displaced using a procedural, tileable, displacement map. Shortcuts for building and tweaking our displacement as well as visualizing the displacement in the viewport.

Chapter 4: Splashes, Splashes, And More Splashes!
Now that we have a base mesh, displacement texture, and all of the additional data sets we’re ready to move onto splash creation. In this chapter we’ll learn how to setup and tweak our first dependent simulation. Using the cached out base fluid our splashes will simulate quickly and collide with the displaced base wave mesh. We’ll look at the major parameters and some tricks for creating, controlling, and optimizing our splash simulations. We”ll also look at creating multiple splash simulations for one domain fluid.

Chapter 5: Adding Foam / Waterline
Having our splash particles create foam as they hit the surface used to be a intense task that involved scripted solutions. Now using the Hybrido system its a breeze. We’ll learn how to use our cached out splashes to create foam and waterline simulations that interact with and sit on our cached and displaced base fluid. All the major parameters will be explored and some cool techniques for really speeding up the foam creation will be introduced.

Chapter 6: Taking It Further
If you’ve followed along until this point you will have a strong understanding of the Hybrido system, both its base fluid creation and the implementation of distance fluids to create secondary passes that work seamlessly with the cached system. In this Chapter we will discuss and introduce the remaining secondary elements that can be created and ways to take this effect further and really make it your own!!

Christopher Soyer
Chris Soyer is a VFX Artist and RealFlow Certified Expert that has been working with the software for 8 years, since version 3. Over those years he’s freelanced at over 25 studios worldwide like Kompost, CIneSIte, Buck, Aardman, Logan, and Motion Theory – to name a few. His quick-n-dirty style has come in handy in alot of last minute situations where creating good looking effects quickly to meet demanding deadlines is paramount. Today Chris runs Tsunamifx, an east coast based Micro-Studio that serves as a vehicle for his effects work worldwide.

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