Digital-Tutors – Transforming Robot Production Pipeline Volume 4: Robot Modeling

Duration: 2 hrs. 34 min.
Release Date: April 1, 2012
Author: Multiple Authors
Required Software: Maya 2012, TopoGun, ZBrush 4, 3ds Max 2012

In this course we will cover the steps involved in building the robot portion of our transforming robot series. This specific high-level course was designed to evolve your workflows, and give you some ideas to keep in mind as you go through the process of building the robot portion of your transforming robot. The objectives for this fast-pace course include looking at several issues to be dealt with when creating the transforming robot. We’ll look at ways to use ZBrush and TopoGun in our workflow to build the fitted pieces and panels of the robot. In addition to modeling techniques, we’ll talk about UV layout concepts, creating a proxy, and working cooperatively with other artists, including those working in other applications. It is recommended that you have some experience using Maya, ZBrush, and TopoGun, as we cover a lot of information in a shorter span of time. We won’t be going through the modeling of the robot step-by-step, so if you’re a new artist, the Beginner’s Guides and Introduction courses are perfect places to start getting up to speed. From there you can check out any of the intermediate step-by-step project based courses and they will give you the tools you need to complete the model.


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