Digital-Tutors – Transforming Robot Production Pipeline Volume 5: Robot Texturing

Duration: 1 hrs. 59 min.
Release Date: April 1, 2012
Author: Eddie Russell
Required Software: MARI 1.4v2

In this tutorial we will learn about the process of texturing our transforming robot’s robot form. To get started, you should know that this MARI tutorial will focus on providing you with a high level glimpse at the thought processes that went into painting textures for our robot. While we won’t focus on painting every stroke of our textures, we will be walking through each step, demonstrating techniques as well as providing insight into the process. This also means that if you use another application for texturing, you’ll still get valuable information from this course in terms of how different texture elements will be identified and layered. This course will begin by focusing on selecting geometry and how MARI’s selection groups can make this much easier. From here we will focus on laying down a base of photographic texture for our robot before moving into adding additional details like dirt, rust and scratches. To wrap this course up, we will learn how to repurpose channels of data for our specular map and then export those maps out of MARI. After completing this course, you’ll not only know how the texture maps for our robot were painted but you’ll also gain insight into the thought process behind painting them.

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