FXHair 2012 V4 for MAYA 2009-2012 x64

FXHair 2012 V4 for MAYA 2009-2012 x64

FXHair 2012 V4 is released.

Improvements from 2012 V4 is summarized as follows;

1. Collision instability bug fix
A. When curves contact solid objects, the curve shapes showed jiggling artifacts.
New version stabilized the contact instability.

2. Solver instability bug fix
A. Some curves diverged without no reason even without contacts, and the new version fixed this problem.
3. Goal curve + contact flipping bug fix
A. When goal curves are attached, the curves bounced back when they contact solid objects. This bug is resolved.
4. Interaction depth profile curve editing
A. Each curve has a profile curve attribute for interaction depth control along hair curve.
“interaction Depth Scale” attribute is added to hrProperty node, and this depth scale can be overridden
by each follicle
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