FXPHD – MYA301 – Maya in Production Moving Day

FXPHD – MYA301 – Maya in Production Moving Day

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This course, taught by Matt Leonard, is going to be slightly different from our other Maya offerings because we?re going to be working alongside a new and very exciting project called ?Moving Day?. This short film is being directed by award wining director Jason Wingrove. ?Moving Day? tells the story of a young girl and her fight against the fairies who inhabit the garden of her new home. Our short film is literally being produced throughout the term and we?ll have first hand experience of working in post during a live project.

Class 1:In our first class we look at the Moving Day storyboards, Script and Animatic. We then go on to look at our Maya multipass render setup and how we?ll be compositing that inside of Nuke. We also cover render time predictions and other pre-production issues.

Class 2:In our second class we begin by looking at reference material gathered over the week. We then go on to look at some basic fairy wings built in Maya with the aim of producing some reference animation. The second half of the class is centered on building a UV pass in Maya and using it in conjunction with the STMap tool in Nuke.

Class 3:In our third class we look at some shots from on-set and begin modeling the wings.

Class 4: begins a two week test for Moving Day. This week we will be modeling, rigging and animation our fairy wings using the green screen plate as a reference guide along with PFTrack data.

Class 5:continues on in our Moving Day test. This week we add textures to our wings, light the scene based on the background plate, setup the render passes and finally the other render settings. We then move into Nuke for the second half of the class to composite the CG into the background plate, pull a key on the green screen fairy element and add reflections.

Class 6:In this class we look at creating a dynamically driven ragdoll which can be animated via dynamics instead of keyframing.

Class 7:Guest prof Yannick Meillier covers matchmoving the farie shots.

Class 8:In this class we look at Maya custom project settings, new wing setup, animation, shaders and render layers, Nuke compositing, particle Instancing and particle Sprites.

Class 10:This class is Part 2 of a 2 part series looking at compositing for Moving Day. In this class we look at multipass compositing and making a custom edge blur tool.

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