FXPHD – NUK201 – Intermediate Nuke

FXPHD – NUK201 – Intermediate Nuke

Taught by Sean Deveraux, this course picks up where the 101 level course left off. Deveraux will be diving deeply into the 3D compositing features of Nuke over the term.
Note: This repeat course was recorded using Nuke version 4 (current release is version 5). However, the principles and techniques shown in this course are still fully applicable to the new release. The NUK301 course will be using version 5.

Class 1: Warping
Nuke has several tools for image distortion and this week we will tackle the grid warp and the spline warp which use shapes to distort an image as well as the iDistort which drives the distortion using an image.

Class 2: Advanced Roto and Plate Clean-up
Although explored in nuk101, nuke has a lot more control over rotoscoping then previously discussed, such as tracking specific points and importing data from other applications.

Class 3: Gizmos
The “macro” system in nuke is called gizmos. We will create a gizmo utilizing expressions and user controls and learn how to add that gizmo to our nuke menus for others to access.

Class 4: Nuke Customization
Building on last week’s course, we will further customize nuke by adding and setting default working resolutions on launch, setting up shot specific working directories and other tasks that nuke can automate.

Class 5: Nuke Shell Commands
We’ll cover some common and intermediate shell commands such as rendering without launching the UI and building a script right in the shell.

Class 6: 3D: Locating a point in 3D Space
It’s relatively simple to load camera tracks in nuke but how do you know where to place objects in the scene if you don’t have a point cloud or tracking geometry as reference. This week we will go over finding points in Z-space and reconciling 3D track data in 2D.

Class 7: 3D Projections
One of the key powers to nuke’s 3D system is it’s ability to project textures onto geometry. This will be our focus this week and will help set up the rest of the semester.

Class 8: 3D Set Extensions
We will use what we learned in our previous course work to extend a practical set using nuke’s 3D system.

Class 9: 3D: Set Replacement
One of the most challenging and time consuming tasks can be removing some unwanted foreground elements to create a clean plate. The technique we will learn this week has been used in hundreds of shots and saved thousands of hours.

Class 10: 3D Multi-Planing
Using a single layered frame we will create a camera move and turn our 2-Dimensional image into an active sequence and move through it with our nuke camera.




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