FXPHD – NUK301 – Advanced Nuke


This is going to mainly be a project-based course, with shots being examined and finessed over several classes. Sean Devereaux will be leading the charge as prof for the course, with a few special guest speakers. First, fxphd regular tahl Niran will be doing several classes covering integrating 3D elements into composites.

Frank Reuter, the worldwide king of Nuke tools and customization will be our guest speaker for two classes where he will cover Nuke 5 customization, tcl and python scripting as well as advanced gizmo creation with expressions galore! Frank faces difficult production challenges everyday and comes at Nuke with that vital problem solving background. No other person on the planet has as much production experience as a Nuke technical director and these two classes will crack the mysteries and tricks of custom Nuke wide open.

Professor: Sean Devereaux

Class 1: This week we cover the Nuke 5 interface and the huge additions to the Nuke package including stereoscopic compositing and 3D lighting!

Class 2: Special Guest Professor: Tahl Niran covers translating 3D objects and data between external applications and creating and assembling advanced motion graphics in nuke 5!

Class 3: Special Guest Professor: Tahl Niran continues with 3d integration and motion graphics, looking at using the .obj geometry along with mutli-channel renders to produce the final composite

Class 4: Special Guest Professor: Tahl Niran looks at how to composite the exterior matte shot from ‘I love Sarah Jane’ with a focus on keying, integration and other production techniques

Class 5: Part one of a four part class to start and complete a full HD production composite. This class will lay the ground work for the weeks to come and explain all the details we need to start shot production.

Class 6: Part 2 of 4

Class 7: PRODUCTION: Part three of a four part class to start and complete a full HD production composite. Adding scrolling text around the set and a creative way to deal with set problems when nothing else will work.

Class 8: Some basics for creating and editing nodes via python. For example, attaching viewer, changing knob values, deleting nodes; using initi.py to add to plugin paths; adding favorite buttons to file browsers; writing a simple interface so user can input shot data on application launch to dynamically create favorites

Class 9: A continued look at Python scripting and Nuke customization

Class 10: The final class of our production shot. We’ve come 75% of the way to final, for those brave souls willing to go the distance, this class will help you get there.




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FXPHD – NUKE301.part1.rar
FXPHD – NUKE301.part2.rar
FXPHD – NUKE301.part3.rar
FXPHD – NUKE301.part4.rar
FXPHD – NUKE301.part5.rar
FXPHD – NUKE301.part6.rar
FXPHD – NUKE301.part7.rar
FXPHD – NUKE301.part8.rar


Mirror :-

Download FXPHD – NUKE301.part1.rar from FileFactory.com
Download FXPHD – NUKE301.part2.rar from FileFactory.com
Download FXPHD – NUKE301.part3.rar from FileFactory.com
Download FXPHD – NUKE301.part4.rar from FileFactory.com
Download FXPHD – NUKE301.part5.rar from FileFactory.com
Download FXPHD – NUKE301.part6.rar from FileFactory.com
Download FXPHD – NUKE301.part7.rar from FileFactory.com
Download FXPHD – NUKE301.part8.rar from FileFactory.com





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