Motion Designers Complete Business Bundle 4DVD

Motion Designers Complete Business Bundle 4DVD

4 DVD | Businessman 1&2 – Businesswoman 1&2 | Total 13.8 GB

Type: Footage Video format : QuickTime ®, – MOV
Foto-JPEG Resolution: W Category – 500, 1500 and
3000 pixels per volume composition: 75

Digital Juice once again introduces a first of it’s kind product line specifically tailored for the needs of motion design professionals. Over a year in the making, this new library of crisp, clean live-action Motion Designer’s Silhouettes brings you an array of actors in various poses, gestures, and movements — ready to breathe life into your animations and tell a story with fluid motion and graphic boldness. These silhouette sequences will add a professional high-end look to your work, giving you the best of both worlds – the fluidity of real life and the sharp graphic symbolism of an animated silhouette — all in a drag-and-drop element that even a novice motion designer will find easy to integrate into any project. Express a thought, evoke an emotion, or convey an idea without adding the complexity of an actor’s features or clothing to detract from the simplicity of your message.

Captured live in the Digital Juice green screen studio, on a RED ONE at 3K resolution, these clips were shot under very controlled conditions, specifically for the purpose of making Silhouettes. Each clip was then meticulously hand rotoscoped and keyed to achieve the highest quality possible results from the high-resolution source material.

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