Photoshop Workbench Volume One (Episodes 1 – 200)

Photoshop Workbench Volume One (Episodes 1 – 200)

English | Duration: 58h | H264 | 800×600 | 30fps 258kbps | AAC 44.1kHz Stereo 50Kbps | 8.3GB
Genre: eLearning

This 2-DVD set features Episodes 1 – 200 of Mark S. Johnson’s world-renowned Photoshop Workbench series. Representing more than 58 hours of inspirational Photoshop training, these videos illuminate photographic techniques in Photoshop versions CS2, CS3, and CS4. Each Workbench is presented in its original quality and size, and many are Radiant Vista website recordings that are only available on this DVD.

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Download Links:- Workbench DVD1.part01.rar Workbench DVD1.part02.rar Workbench DVD1.part03.rar Workbench DVD1.part04.rar Workbench DVD1.part05.rar Workbench DVD1.part06.rar Workbench DVD1.part07.rar Workbench DVD1.part08.rar Workbench DVD1.part09.rar Workbench DVD2.part01.rar Workbench DVD2.part02.rar Workbench DVD2.part03.rar Workbench DVD2.part04.rar Workbench DVD2.part05.rar Workbench DVD2.part06.rar Workbench DVD2.part07.rar Workbench DVD2.part08.rar Workbench DVD2.part09.rar

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