Simply Maya – Anime Style Character

Simply Maya – Anime Style Character

Simply Maya – Anime Style Character | 1.4 GB

In this project we model based on only one concept sketch without using side and front image planes. It is quite common in a production environment that you are just given a concept sketch like this and expected to create a model based on that so learning the free form modeling techniques explained in this tutorial is something that can become very useful during your future CG career.

We follow a NURBS, polygon & subdivision workflow to create our anime character and start off with sculpting on NURBS primitives and you’ll get familiar modeling with CV’s, hulls and inserting isoparms. The base geometry is converted to polygons to add the detailed features and characteristics of the stylized model. We join up some parts of the geometry through combining and merging and some through booleans union where we go over some of the potential problems that might arise when you use these types of booleans operations in Maya.

Working with the split polygon and cut face tools we create a quaded mesh and get a good edge flow. We also take into consideration how geometry deforms and look at functionality to make a character suitable for rigging and animation later down the pipeline. To get hands and shoes we use simple box modeling techniques with polygon cubes pushing and pulling vertices, and work with the sculpt geometry tool to smooth out the mesh.

For the fine detail and natural folds on the face, body and hands we convert to sub d’s and make the cool looking spiky hair, as well we create a complete set of clothing for our character. The modeling section of this tutorial is wrapped up with creating glasses and a sword using NURBS.

In the UV texture editor we then lay out UV’s for the model before we create stylized cartoon textures in Photoshop. We also look at how to create bump and spec maps to bring out that little extra and get control of specular highlights in our final renders.

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