Simply Maya – Assault Mech

Simply Maya – Assault Mech

Simply Maya – Assault Mech | 487.48 MB

This is a tutorial on hard surface modeling in Maya and it uses NURBS modeling techniques to block out the basic shapes which are then converted to polygons to add detail. This is a good workflow to learn for creating any hard surface object, as using NURBS primitives for the initial geometry will allow for building your models much faster a lot of the time than if you would only be working with polygons. The Assult Mech model has a lot of parts like bolts, hydraulics, screws, ropes and air ventilation systems which you’ll commonly see on hard surface models.

You will work to exact references in this tutorial, which are set up in the first part, and scale different parts to match the given proportions in the drawings. Some of the polygon modeling tools we’ll use when adding details are the split poly tool to allow for an edge flow on the model where it can be smoothed and maintain crisp edges, extrude edges and faces, snap and align tools, and duplicate existing geometry. For the NURBS portion you’ll learn how to create and shape surfaces around curves, work with the EP curve tool and techniques for lofting surfaces.

The final model you can see above has clean lines which gives it a nice metallic finish, while also having the crisp edges you need on a proper hard surface model.

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