Simply Maya – Chef Ramsey Caricature Modeling

Simply Maya – Chef Ramsey Caricature Modeling

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In this tutorial we create a cartoon caricature of the famous Chef Ramsay and get the end result you can see in the image above. We start by taking a closer look at some of the things that are important when youre creating a caricature model by studying images of the face and youll see how you can add those little extras to your models by looking for the details that define them.

During the modeling process we build our character according to the workflow that would be used in a production environment and pay attention to how you should pose your model before its passed on to the rigging department taking into consideration what its intended for in the actual production.

You will learn how to create correct topology in character modeling and why its important to maintain good edge spacing and flow. We also add extra resolution in certain areas on the model to simplify the rigging process and allow for the character to deform properly once its animated. As this is not a symmetrical character well be working on double sided geometry in this tutorial and youll learn how to use many of Mayas different polygon modeling tools during this process.

Once we have the main geometry for the body of our character well model in the creases and stitched joints on the clothing before moving on to creating the head. A long time is spent on getting the correct geometry in this region to allow for the extreme features this character has and get a convincing face resemblance with our sketch references. Well also add creases, wrinkles, eyebrows and individual strands for hair. Throughout this process youll learn to keep a scene in Maya neat and tidy so that its suitable for other people to work on later down the production line.

With our model almost complete we continue with UV layout and shading for a cartoon character, before we bring the different parts together as one complete model and do some minor tweaks and add extra detail to the hands and clothing. Finally we build a meat clever and adjust the standard t-pose of our model to make it suitable for rigging.

Chef Ramsay was created for Simply Maya by Jason Edwards while he was working on cartoon character models similar to this one for the Headcases TV-Series. Hes currently employed at Windmill Lane VFX Studios as a Senior Modeler and working on his graphic novel Outlaws Tales which you can follow as it progresses on his personal website.

This tutorial is also featured in The Making of Chef Ramsay on CGArena and in The Making of Gordon Ramsay on 3DTotal.

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