Simply Maya – Low Poly Character Study – Tribal Warrior

Simply Maya – Low Poly Character Study – Tribal Warrior

Simply Maya – Low Poly Character Study – Tribal Warrior | 874.78 MB

In this tutorial we’ll cover the modeling and texturing of this low poly character and work to a set poly limit of 3500 triangles. We start off by creating a project folder and setting up image planes before we start working on modeling the character using polygon and NURBS primitives to create the low resolution base mesh for the different parts of the character.

All our NURBS are converted to polygons and we use different polygon modeling tools to create the face detail like the crevices for the eyes, the nose and the mouth area as well as the more detailed body parts like hands and feet. We also add extra resolution in joint areas to make the character suitable for rigging, and when we have our final model complete we adjust the poly count and reduce the number in our geometry to stay within our limit before we triangulate the mesh.

We then lay out flat UV’s working in Maya’s UV texture editor, and go over some useful techniques for how to deal with tricky areas in the geometry like the pointy ears on this character and how to prevent distortion and stretching of our textures.

The final UV map is brought into Photoshop for texture painting of the kilt and skin and we add little details like freckles. We also work with Maya’s 3D paint tool to finalize our low poly character.

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