Simply Maya – Low Poly Modeling for Games

Simply Maya – Low Poly Modeling for Games

Simply Maya – Low Poly Modeling for Games | 424.21 MB

This is a great beginner tutorial for someone who’s new to Maya or has never modeled an organic character before as we create a low polygon model which is a lot faster and easier to do than creating a highly detailed organic character, so following this project you’ll get a nice soft start in organic modeling. Low poly modeling is also important in real time applications such as games where you have to restrict your models to stay under certain polygon limits.

We set the poly limit for this character to 2500 and block out the basic shape of the body using polygon cubes and cylinders which we connect together with booleans operations. During this process you’ll learn how to work with the most common polygon modeling tools extrude, cut face and split poly to keep a quaded mesh with nice edge spacing and good flow. You’ll see how to get rounded shapes on a model when working with low poly geometry and how to add resolution in joint areas to allow for proper deformation later when the character is rigged and animated.

We work on half a model which is then duplicated over to create the other side and once are base mesh is complete we continue with creating clothes for the character where we show you some good techniques for modeling shoes, t-shirts, shorts and belts. Finally we clean up the model and go in to reduce the poly count to 2300 faces by deleting unnecessary geometry before we triangulate the mesh.

This tutorial is part of a complete low poly series which also includes the UV layout, texturing, rigging and animation of this character, the next pat in this series is the Low Poly UV Layout & Texturing tutorial.

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