Simply Maya – Stylized Cartoon Male – The GI

Simply Maya – Stylized Cartoon Male – The GI

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This is a great character modeling and texturing project where the instructor Jason Edwards creates a highly stylized GI with himself as a reference. So you can follow along with this tutorial using his sketches which are provided, or if you feel a bit brave you can create your own GI reference images based on yourself. This is a tutorial which is all about capturing the features in our drawings and conveying them over to our 3D character model.

We follow a polygon & subdivision modeling workflow where we start of with polygon cubes and sculpt out basic shapes by pushing and pulling points on the geometry to get nicely spaced edges and good flow. The detail is added gradually as it’s important in character modeling to get the basic proportions right to have a good base model to work off before you add more resolution in order to catch the features you want from the initial drawings in the high resolution model. Having a mesh with good edge spacing also makes it much easier to lay out the UV’s later so this is something we focus on, as well Jay will give you some tips and tricks for how to hide bad geometry that can occur in certain areas of a model.

Sculpting out the head we use many of Maya’s polygon modeling tools and show you a great technique for creating realistic looking ears. When we’ve created the character resemblance on the head we continue on the body, make clothes and add some interesting details like the belt, helmut and boots with proper shoelaces.

With the model complete we continue with laying out flat UV’s in Maya for the whole character and you’ll learn how to unwrap UV’s and use some of the tools in the UV texture editor and different mapping techniques. Our final UV map is brought into Photoshop where we use some different methods and tools to create all the textures on the character, before we light him up and do some final renders.

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