Simply Maya – The Complete Dragon Project

Simply Maya – The Complete Dragon Project

Simply Maya – The Complete Dragon Project | 792 MB

In this project we create a fantasy dragon model using all of Maya’s different geometry types during the process. First we make the head using a NURBS sphere which is converted to polygons once we have the initial shape to add detail like the eye cavities and snout. The anatomy we create on the head is very similar to other animals, so you could use the techniques presented here to model birds and reptiles in Maya.

When we have the head done we’ll model the long neck and the body of the dragon. You’ll learn how to sculpt out organic shapes using both NURBS and polygons and work with different modeling tools like the split polygon, extrude and sculpt geometry tools. We also model the lizard like feet and claws and convert to sub d’s to get the highly detailed areas before we move on to modeling the complete wing structure and joining up all the different parts of the geometry to get one continuous mesh in our model.

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Mirror :-—Modeling-a-Dragon.part1.rar.html—Modeling-a-Dragon.part2.rar.html

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