Simply Maya – The Complete Mech Modeling & Animation Project

Simply Maya – The Complete Mech Modeling & Animation Project

Simply Maya – The Complete Mech Modeling & Animation Project | 1.63 GB

In this complete project we create the Mech Warrior robot model which you can see above, and continue with the rigging and animation where we make him walk and do a ball pick up and throw.

We start by creating a project folder and set up image planes and following our references we start blocking out the base shape of the model. This tutorial mainly shows a NURBS & polygon workflow, with some subdivision modeling for the finer details. NURBS are typically used in hard surface modeling and this tutorial teaches you a lot of good techniques for how to work with this geometry type in Maya.

We build up our model quickly and use tools like extrude, scale, cut face, extract, booleans and split poly. You’ll also see how to move and insert pivot points for different parts of the robot when duplicating geometry which is done a lot in hard surface modeling to generate the mesh in a quick and efficient way. We create polygon hands and guns, and take a look at how to clean up and delete unnecessary geometry on a model which could otherwise cause problems later during the rigging process.

With the modeling done we move on to rigging and animation of the Mech Warrior. During the rigging process you’ll learn how to rig with bones and we create the individual joints that make up the full skeleton. We size and mirror the joints and adjust the orientation in Maya’s Hypergraph, parent and bind the skeleton to the skin before we set up foot and hand controls for this character. You’ll see how to test different parts of the rig as well move along, work with locators and create IK handles in Maya for depth control to get realistic foot rolls and finger curl, fist and spread. We also use the Hypergraph to build hierarchies for the IK handles and move on to animation.

These lessons in the tutorial will show how to create character sets in Maya and use SDK’s to drive the attributes. We start by blocking out a walk animation using the autokey function and graph editor and fine tune it as we move along, and also add a ball pick up and throw. You’ll learn how to play back your animations, loose up movement in a character animation to make it more realistic and work with the dope sheet.

The Mech Warrior tutorial comes with the fully rigged character if you are only interested in the animation lessons and can be found with lesson 7.

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