Digital-Tutors – Rigging Quadrupeds in 3ds Max

Digital-Tutors – Rigging Quadrupeds in 3ds Max

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In this 3ds Max tutorial we will learn techniques for rigging quadrupeds in 3ds Max. In this series of lessons we will learn how to rig quadrupeds in 3ds Max. We’ll work our way from the ground up, learning techniques for creating robust and flexible vertebrae systems, efficient and animator-friendly controls, and learn how to dynamically link and blend between spaces. We’ll also cover helpful weight painting techniques and learn how to set up and automate the triggering of corrective targets. By the end of this course, you will have the skills needed to rig your very own quadruped.

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Download Links:- Quadrupeds in 3ds Max.part1.rar Quadrupeds in 3ds Max.part2.rar Quadrupeds in 3ds Max.part3.rar Quadrupeds in 3ds Max.part4.rar Quadrupeds in 3ds Max.part5.rar Quadrupeds in 3ds Max.part6.rar

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