FXPHD – BKD219 – Background Fundamentals

FXPHD – BKD219 – Background Fundamentals

FXPHD – BKD219 – Background Fundamentals | 3.38 GB

Gamma, color space, and color management.
Film Workflow – traditional film workflows, from camera to scanners to printers.
ARRI Alexa workflow – looking at the onboard pro res work flow including log C and the uncompressed output that can be harnessed with devices like the codex.
Universal codec / post formats and files: HDR, OpenEXR, Phantom high speed formats, RAW vs JPEG, Prores, DnXHD, 4:4:4 vs 4:2:2 vs Log, Log C, Spaceman, stereo formats, Grading formats, AVID vs FCP.
Mike does a serious of tests to show the characteristics of a DSLR and things to be aware of when shooting with one. Also a quick rundown of a typical DSLR workflow.
Mike and Dave discuss legacy… why we have inherited frame rate and sync issues because of the evolution of broadcast. They also discuss metadata, from its early notions in timecode and why we want to keep todays information for tomorrow and what standards are being set today.
fxphd now has a Red Epic-M! Mike talks about the first impression of shooting with the Epic and things to expect in the coming weeks leading to NAB.

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