3D-Coat 3.7.12E SIMP & CUDA x64

3D-Coat 3.7.12E SIMP & CUDA x64

3D-Coat 3.7.12E SIMP & CUDA x64 | 331 MB

The last jump before the V4. The main purpose of this release to summarize all that was done last year and fix minor bugs.
3D-Coat 3.7 released. It is a last jump before V4. The main intention of this release is to summarize all what was done for last year and to release AppLinks.

What’s New In 3D-Coat v3.7

– Applink Connection Plugins. Transfer your content between 3D-Coat and your 3D modeller in no time. Supports 3dsMax, Lightwave, Maya, Modo, Cinema 4D, Blender, ZBrush, Unity 3D, Softimage XSI, Houdini, Messiah, Cheetah 3D, Fusion, and VoidWorld.
– Instancing support. Check new Instancer tool + new check box in Merge tool. It opens the possibility to use one volume multiple times in the scene without additional memory consumption. The scene in the viewport will also be rendered faster because of much less video memory consumption. It is extremely helpful for architecture, hardsurface modeling, sometimes – for organic elements (scales, teeth).
– New CutOff tool. It allows you to perform very precise boolean operations!
– New brush engine. It’s faster, smoother and more accurate!

Voxel Mode:

– Speed-up in voxel surface mode.
– Improved quality of export voxel mesh with simplification, triangles quality improved.
– New voxel export option – “File-> Export projected quads” – alternative high-quality quad only voxel export.
– Realtime preview for Sketch tool. You will see the summary volume immediately while painting.
– Move & Pose tool may be optionally applied through all visible volumes (see checkbox “Through all volumes”).
– Free form transformations in Pose tool.
– Rapid2/Mud2 brushes as smoother and nicer versions of Rapid / Mud brushes. These new brushes are based on the same principle as new Clay brush.
– New brush based on surface clay that acts close to Build in voxel room and Wax in MB. It is a little modification of clay, but looks like it is super cool to build up shape.
– Optional possibility to merge mesh into voxel scene without actual voxelization. It will appear in voxel surface mode and will be voxelized when you turn it to voxel mode.
– Possibility to save separate voxel layers as 3B files (with sub-tree or without).
– Improved Model / Splines tabs in Voxel room. You will be able to add new profiles, drag volumes / external objects to those windows, Add / delete / rename items / folders. Importing a spline profile is now very user-friendly. It is possible to use Drag & drop or VoxTree RMB menu.
– Arbitrary change resolution of voxel volume. You may change mesh resolution to any given number of polygons.
– New command “Apply to visible” and “Apply to subtree” in shaders RMB menu.
– Extrude – like tools in voxel mode improved – they will work in lines mode (snap to surface) with a more uniform stroke.
– Rapid / Scratches / Mud brushes tuned to be more “clay-like”.
– New brushes: Scratches, Mud, Inflate.
– New tool in voxels – Clone. It acts like Cut & Clone but skips cutting.

List of changes:

[8.05.2012] 3.7.12E

– Important fix: brushing quality improved – more correct handling of backfaces
– UI improvements – more informative hints with pictures in left panel
– LC extrude clay improved to provide better detalization
– Fixed: hard to select and operate over reference image controls
– Fixed: SHIFT selection not working in pose tool
– Import image as mesh improved – much better stencis mixing. Blob tool got better quality
– Fixed: Painting along curve fixed in voxel tools was not working over transformed volumes. Quality improved a lot too.
– Fixed: a bit shift down when rendering turnables

Little Story

Currently Andrew Shpagin is Lead Programmer and Director of the 3D-Coat project. He gained experience of creating game development tools while working on game projects at GSC Game World studio, where he occupied the position of Lead Programmer in the strategy department. Andrew has nine projects released. Many of them are well-known and popular not only in ex-USSR, but also in Europe, North America and Japan.

Home Page: _http://3d-coat.com/3d-coat-37/

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http://extabit.com/file/27ayfongknz97/3D-Coat 3.7.12E (64bit) SIMP & CUDA.rar

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  1. definitely the best retopology application available outhere.For that 3dCoat is a must,at least for me.Even with Graphic Card that
    do not support Cuda,on OpenGL it works like a charm.
    Milion of thanks to uploader for this.Makes me be a better man & do
    something nice like this for someone else.Very nice present.

  2. Amazing Program is there any Tutorials available that someone can point me to.

    I am a total beginner. Thanks

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