2DArtist – Issue 078 – June 2012

2DArtist – Issue 078 – June 2012

Welcome to the June issue of 2DArtist magazine! In this issue we bring you more stimulating installments in our excellent tutorial series and continually captivating artwork. From creatures of mythology to digital matte painting, there’s a little treat for everybody!

So many great tutorials continue this month, starting with the awesome cover image by Patipat Asavasena, who’s also the artist guiding us through the manga series. In the third chapter, he presents a tutorial of the beautiful queen of Egypt, Cleopatra and shows us how to use a painterly approach to achieve an oil painting effect, and how an unexpected outcome can be the result of working with an improvisational method.

Jama Jurabaev finishes up the tutorial series on 2D animation in this issue. In the previous three chapters he has covered topics such as concept art, matte painting, animation and 3D, and in this final chapter he looks at how to bring everything together and finalize the short animated movie we have been working towards. He takes the live footage that he showed us how he filmed last month and shares tips about compositing them into his amazing images to ensure the final shot is realistic.

We are still going strong with our droid series; this time around sees Justin Albers create a demolition droid. He talks through his overall working method for completing these pieces in Photoshop, as well as communicating a little of his thought and design process.

Moving on to our next series, Mythological Creatures, we are in the capable hands of Ignacio Bazan Lazcano (who took on our droid series in the last issue) and Simon Dominic Brewer this month, as they tackle the mythical monster Cipactli – a creature known as being part fish and part crocodile. Take a closer look to find out how each of our artists interprets the same brief and comes up with their own version of this mix of different creatures, with Simon in Painter and Ignacio in Photoshop.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, we also have a Making Of by Francesco Corvino, an interview with talented VFX artist Daren Horley and a sketchbook that takes us into a world of dwarves, goblins and demons, by the skillful concept artist, Paul Bonner. And, of course, our fantastic gallery featuring work by Vanja Todoric, Serge Birault, Dor Shamir and many more gifted artists!

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